Changing Sports

Changing Sports

Give up triathlon! Take up road cycle racing as a change. Even participate as part of a team in a triathlon event, just exclude running from your regime of exercise and you may be able to avoid surgery for the rest of your life and avoid any further arthritic degeneration of the affected joints. Water sports are definitely a lot gentler on the joints, up to point. I know a lot of boardriders with crook knees after years and years of surfing on high performance short boards. Tommy Carroll’s knee problems, though not arthritic, are well documented. Of course there are other water sports apart from surfing, like sailing, swimming, water polo, and so on.

I retrospect if I had given up triathlon I would probably be able to ride a lot better now but I wanted to do an Ironman and keep doing triathlons. After ten years I feel I have done enough now and probably will just cycle, as well as do some more surfing. Without doing any running I think I can improve my cycling to some extent anyway as running really takes it out of me these days and does adversely affect my cycling. I might even take up kayaking. However, I know I am still not ready for golf!


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