Glucosamine HCL and Sulfate for the Management of Arthritis

Arthritis Management

Arthritis Management: Glucosamine for the Management of Arthritis – A Controlled Clinical Investigation
Article Summary:
Patients with arthritis were divided into two groups; one group received some form of glucosamine sulfate daily the other received piperazine/chlorbutanol daily, followed by a placebo. The amount of pain that each participant experienced at rest and during different activities was measured. In both conditions, some improvement was seen, but those patients who received glucosamine sulfate treatments experienced less pain and faster recovery times. There were no complaints of side effects for the glucosamine and all participants were able to tolerate the glucosamine treatments. Glucosamine then is supported as a treatment for osteoarthritis.

G. Crolle, M.D., and E. DâEste, M.D.

Hospital “G.B. Guistinian”, 1st Medical Division, Venice, Italy

Source: Current Medical Research and Opinion. Vol. 7, No. 2, 1980

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