Glucosamine In Osteoarthritis – A Systematic Review

Clinical Studies on Glucosamine for Osteoarthritis
Glucosamine In Osteoarthritis – A Systematic Review

Article Summary:
Numerous studies have been done to examine the effectiveness of glucosamine sulfate in treating arthritis. Studies that were random assignment of participants to the control group or the group who received the glucosamine sulfate were examined for their effectiveness. On average, there were 97 participants in each study, and they were involved for 5-6 weeks. Glucosamine sulfate was always proven to be better than the placebo, and better than or equal to the use of ibuprofen. Overall, glucosamine sulfate was found to be safe and effective in treating arthritis, and it can be concluded that glucosamine sulfate has a therapeutic effect on at least some types and sites of arthritis.

T.E. Towheed

Rheumatic Diseases Unit, Queen’s University, Canada

American College of Rheumatology Annual Meeting November 10, 1998; Abstract: 995. Poster Session D: Osteoarthritis: Clinical Trials

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