Pharmacokinetics of Glucosamine in Man

Pharmacokinetics of Glucosamine in Man
Article Summary:
The different routes of administration for glucosamine sulfate were compared in males. Glucosamine sulfate was administered either orally, through an IV or intramuscularly (through an injection). When administered through an IV, the glucosamine can be found in various tissues in the body very quickly, and peaking after 8-10 hours. A similar pattern can be found with intramuscular administration. The oral administration is also effective at allowing the glucosamine to disperse and be absorbed by various parts of the body. All three methods are suitable administration routes for glucosamine sulfate to be taken into the body using.

Setnikar I. Palumbo R. Canali S. Zanolo G.

Rotta Research Laboratorium S.p.A., Monza, Italy.

Country of Publication:

Arzneimittel-Forschung. 43(10):1109-13, 1993 Oct.

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