Pharmacokinetics of Glucosamine in Dog and Man

Pharmacokinetics of Glucosamine in the Dog

Pharmacokinetics of Glucosamine in the Dog

Article Summary:
Glucosamine sulfate was administered to a dog to examine the absorption of the glucosamine in the dog’s system. Glucosamine was administered via an IV or via oral consumption. After administration with the IV, the glucosamine appears in the plasma quickly and peaks at 8 hours. After oral consumption of glucosamine, the absorption is done via the digestive tract, but after which the activity of the glucosamine mirrors the effects after the IV administration. Other studies in the rat and man provide similar results, that the use of the oral administration is just as well absorbed as the IV.

Setnikar I. Giacchetti C. Zanolo G.

Country of Publication:
Germany, West

Arzneimittel-Forschung. 36(4):729-35, 1986 Apr.

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