Glucosamine HCL and Sulfate Significantly Reduced Cartilage Destruction

Glucosamine Reduces Cartilage Destruction
Glucosamine Sulfate Significantly Reduced Cartilage Destruction In A Rabbit Model Of Osteoarthritis

Article Summary:
Rabbits were surgically altered to give them osteoarthritis. The rabbits were split into two groups, one group of 6 rabbits who received 120mg a day of glucosamine sulfate, and the other 6 who received the nontreated control water. The lesions present on the cartilage of the rabbits was examined at later times. The lesions for the rabbits who received the treated water of glucosamine sulfate had significantly smaller lesions than the rabbits who drank the control water. The glucosamine sulfate then is considered an effective treatment for osteoarthritis in animals.

T. Conrozier, P. Mathieu, M. Piperno, S. Richard, M. Annefeld, M. Richard, E. Vignon Claude

Bernard University, 2B, CHLS, 69310 Pierre Benite, France

Source: American College of Rheumatology Annual Meeting November 10, 1998; Abstract: 689, Poster Session C: Osteoarthritis: Methodology and Animal Models

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